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About us

The Manufaktura Parkietu company has been specializing in the production of exceptional wooden floors for years. It is a product for the most demanding customers who appreciate the beauty of natural wood - also for you! Manufacture of Parquet - Tuchola floors, Tuchola parquet - we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our history.

our company is located in the heart of Bory Tucholskie, and also strongly associated with them. The town where we are - Piastoszyn, is located by the national road 240, between Tuchola and Chojnice. In our plant, where we currently manufacture floors, wood production has always taken place. Originally there was a sawmill here, which dealt with sawing logs. Later, semi-finished products for floor production were produced. Today, we continue working with wood, but at a more advanced technological stage and in our modern machine park.


Parquet Manufacture - Złotów floors, Złotów parquet - choose our wooden floors!

We mainly produce classic solid floors, but layered floors are also available in our range. In the wide offer of Manufaktura Parkiet you can also find parquet floors in various types of herringbone. Our floors are available in varnished and oiled variants. The main raw material used for the production of floors is oak - a beautiful noble tree that occurs in Europe. By buying an oak floor from us, you are guaranteed that the raw material used for production is of European origin and has been entirely produced in Poland. Our assortment includes a full range of unique floors that are ideal for both modern and classic interiors - they will look great in any interior and will last for many years!


Parquet Manufacture - Tuchola floors, Złotów floors- only the highest quality of wood

The secret of our plant is the proper seasoning of the material and an extended drying process. Floors produced with us are created entirely by multi-stage profiling, which means that the material is subjected to pre-treatment many times before reaching the final stage. The result of this additional work is a product that maintains one hundred percent the right geometry - without the risk of significant changes in dimensions. For production, we use only high-quality materials, healthy and environmentally friendly. An example is layered floors, in the production of which we use D4 + glue, which, apart from being waterproof, is free of formaldehyde emissions, which is an exception in the flooring industry. By choosing our layered floors, you can be sure that you receive a safe product for yourself and your loved ones! On the website you can already see the available variants of solid and layered floors in our assortment. If you have additional questions, our employees are always available.

Manufacture of Parquet - Złotów floors, Tuchola parquet - we invite you to take advantage of our offer!