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Multilayer Bard

The modern form of flooring for years is a multilayer board. It will certainly satisfy those who appreciate modernity, practicality and originality. As an experienced manufacturer of floorboards, we provide our clients the highest quality of multilayer boards.

Dimensions of multilayer boards

The total thickness of the boards in our multilayered floors is 14 mm. These boards have top layer: 3 mm, 4 mm or 5 mm and a hardwood plywood underconstruction. In the case of a sandwich board, we have a whole range of widths to choose from, including such as: 9 cm, 13 cm, 15 cm, 17 cm, 19 cm, 22 cm and even 27 cm. When choosing the width of floor elements, you should be guided primarily by the size of the rooms, so the larger the room, the wider the board should be. The lengths of solid boards are in the range of 70 cm to 2.5  lm depending on the width. The edges of the boards have longitudinal and transverse microbevel, which eliminates height differences caused by uneven floors.

We use only the best materials!

If you are interested in multilayer board, the manufacturer should use the highest quality of wood.. As a floorboard manufacturer, we provide our customers full satisfaction with the quality of floors! The raw material used to manufacture our floors is subjected to the seasoning and drying process in accordance with old carpentry rules. Glue used to manufacture our floors is free of formaldehyde emissions and highly waterproof (class D4 +). Only using the highest quality materials guarantees that the product is not only durable, but also safe and environmentally friendly.


Precise finish for easy installation

All boards are subjected to calibration and sanding before varnishing or oiling. On the left side of the element you can find expansion undercuts. They are made to eliminate longitudinal stresses occurring when gluing long floor elements together. The method of joining boards with each other is a tongue and groove, profiled linearly on modern machines. This method is distinguished by the unique behavior of a straight line between the boards. We recommend gluing multilayer board to the ground. The layered board is suitable for laying in rooms with underfloor heating. In order to keep the warranty, we recommend using the services of professional parquet companies.


Manufaktura Parkiet - oak floorboard manufacturer - we encourage you to take advantage of our offer!