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Solid Boards

The most classic floor is a solid board. Recommended for people who appreciate the classics as well as the solidity and simplicity of performance. Our company Manufaktura Parkietu as a manufacturer of wooden floors provides the highest quality solid boards.
Dimension of solid boards

Total thickness of element it’s 15mm. The solid board is entirely made of noble wood and is produced in widths of 9 cm, 13 cm and 15 cm. The lengths of solid boards are depending on the width in the range from 40 cm to 1.5 rm. When choosing the width of floor elements, it is best to be guided by the size of the rooms, so the larger the room, the wider the board should be.


Solid floor - durability for years

The advantage of a solid floor is its exceptional durability, which is why it can last for years! The usable layer of our solid wood floor is a minimum of 5 mm, which means that it can be repeatedly scraped and thus renewed according to your needs.


Only the highest quality material!

The wood used to manufacture our floors is subjected to the seasoning and drying process in accordance with old carpentry rules. Only the use of carefully selected materials guarantees that the product is safe and environmentally friendly. A great choice for many interiors will be oak parquet, the manufacturer will then provide the highest quality material that can be used  for years. As an oak parquet manufacturer, we provide our customers with full investment satisfaction!

As a floor manufacturer, we also take care of precise finishing of our wooden products. All boards are calibrated and sanded before varnishing or oiling. The edges of our solid boards have a longitudinal and transverse micro bevel that eliminates height differences caused by uneven floors. On the left side of the boards there are special adhesive grooves that promote better adhesion of the material to the substrate. The method of joining boards is done with a linearly profiled tongue and groove on modern machines. This method allows you to keep a straight line between the boards. The disadvantage of a solid floor is the inability to lay in rooms with underfloor heating - in this case we recommend ordering our multilayered board.

A solid board must be glued to the ground. In order to keep the warranty, we recommend using the services of professional parquet companies. Producer of parquet Manufaktura Parkiet - welcome to take advantage of our offer!